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Antiteater, musically

I'm reading another Fassbinder biography. Those are always very inspiring. This time, I'm reading "Die 13 Jahre des Rainer Werner Fassbinder" by Peter Berling. He's writing a lot about himself, but that's fine, since (in the beginning of the book) it shows via contrast what Fassbinder and the other new directors did so right while everyone else in Germany (including the author of the book) did it so wrong in the worst kinds of ways for the worst kinds of reasons.

Reading about the exciting history of Fassbinder's first theater collective, complete with intrigues, affairs, stabbings and terrorists (as every theater history should be and none seems to have been, since), I wanted to look again for the 1970 documentary "Ende einer Kommune" ("End of a commune"), about this troupe. As usual, I couldn't find it available anywhere. (If you know where I can get it, please tell me. I'm prepared to pay a lot, at this point).

What I did find was a playlist I thought you guys might appreciate. It's a compilation of music Peer Raben made for Fassbinder's early films.

Nobody ever seems to talk about the music from Fassbinder's films. But listen to it! It's really, really good!

There's a lot to appreciate about what Fassbinder and his company have achieved in their short time together. The music is definitely up there!

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