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Diplomat is the best company and should sponsor me

Whoever has followed me since the days of glorious "Story" videos of Instagram in the dark times of Social Media (remember Social Media? That wandering path mankind had taken back then, that medium that was rendered wholly irrelevant by my departure all those weeks ago?), remembers my desperation over a fountain pen by Diplomat, that had broken in half.

Guess what? Whose magnificent bastards repaired it without charging a dime! What a glorious company! I will sing their praises until the end of my days! Get fountain pens from Diplomat - It is like flying with your hand!

Since Nisan has gotten me a second Diplomat fountain pen - a sprawling and youthful red one that for some reason renders my handwriting (even) prettier than it usually is - I now own more Diplomat fountain pens than from any other brand and I'm planning on keeping it that way.

What is YOUR favorite brand of fountain pens, dear reader? I am very fond of Lamy, too, especially for people who are looking for an affordable first fountain pen - Get the Lamy Al Star first and then graduate towards Diplomat! That's what I did. Can't recommend Parker, can't afford Montblanc.

I'm still looking for someone who will fix my vintage KaWeCo Colleg, which has a scratchy nib. The guy KaWeCo recommends to contact about things like that charges a minimum of 60€ for that service, which I am sure is a very fair price, but I'm an artist in a pandemic, so that's out of the question.

Can anyone among my readers repair scratchy nibs and would like a personalized short story written with the fixed pen? I can offer that!

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