• Lars Henriks

Maximalism is exhausting and very loud



BAZ snorts an impressive line of coke off a huge mirror in the middle of an empty ballroom by night.

BAZ: (To his reflection) Who is the best director? YOU ARE!!

The ASSISTANT enters.

ASSISTANT: Mr. Luhrmann! Sir! Good news!

BAZ: You scored Quaaludes?

ASSISTANT: Even better! You have a green light on that Romeo and Juliet film!

BAZ: On that what?

ASSISTANT: The Romeo and Juliet adaptation you pitched that producer last night. You don’t remember?

BAZ: How would I remember!? I dropped so much acid before that meeting, I was surprised and slightly disappointed to find myself alive this morning!

ASSISTANT: Well, you pitched an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and they loved it.

BAZ: I guess I should read it then, huh?

ASSISTANT: Uhm ... Yeah ...

The ASSISTANT awkwardly hands BAZ his worn copy of the beloved play. BAZ sits and reads for a while.

BAZ: Oh fuuuuck ...

ASSISTANT: What is it?

BAZ: This is BORING!

... and then he had everyone yell all the time, cut a thousand times per second and threw 873 musical scenes in the mix, thus making the play truly boring indeed. Maximalism is exhausting. And very, very loud ...

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