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Mysterium Pictorum 10 - A BETTER TOMORROW

Listen to our full discussion of this classic of the action genre on our new podcast series Mysterium Pictorum! Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and everywhere else, too!

We didn't unanimously dislike a film before. This one broke that pattern. Listen to us trying to be polite and looking for the error in ourselves for one hour! I think it's quite funny ...

"A Better Tomorrow" bored me to no end. It was terribly dry, filled with lifeless stock-characters, there were no women (no, the cop's girlfriend doesn't count, since she wasn't a character), no interesting visuals - Just nothing to get me involved at all. "A Better Tomorrow" is a competently made action flick. That's all I can say about it.

Yet I do see the shakespearean revenge tragedy playing out and I do see the coolness (that never feels ridiculous, unlike in most other films of this kind). Doesn't work for me, but I see that it's there. I didn't see any particularly interesting set pieces and I didn't really see any believable emotion.

Something must be wrong with me. Everyone else seems to really, really love this. I was just bored. "A Better Tomorrow" doesn't even make interesting mistakes. There's just nothing for me, nothing at all.

Nothing, but an entertaining podcast, I hope. Give it a listen and tell us why we're wrong!

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