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Mysterium Pictorum 20 - Tarkovsky & Parajanov: Islands

Listen to our full discussion of this short documentary on our new podcast series Mysterium Pictorum! Available on any podcasting app you like!

A clip show, intercut with talking his informing us that Parajanov and Tarkovsky were indeed friends. That's it. That's all there is to this short doc. It's very much made for people who already know a lot of stuff about both directors and their biography, it doesn't provide anything new, not even really new perspectives ... I don't know why it was made, but it's on YouTube for free, if you want see for yourself.

Surprising amount of open criticism of the Soviet Union in this TV film from the Soviet Union.

If you want to hear about some actually great artists documentaries, listen to the Mysterium Pictorum episode on this terrible DVD bonus feature from long before there were DVDs!

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