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Mysterium Pictorum 26 - HÄXAN

Listen to our full discussion of this incredibly unique classic on our podcast series Mysterium Pictorum! Available on any podcasting app you like!

After this glorified Power Point presentation of outdated ideas about the witch craze in medieval Europe had been going on for ten minutes, I must have fallen asleep and dreamt the weirdest dream ...

In my dream, this crude and simple documentary suddenly turned into a more or less dramatic film full of very loosely connected scenes. Very, very weird scenes.

In my dream, everyone was naked all the time in this movie. Martin from The Human Centipede II was so desired by a 50-year-old "maiden" that she had a love potion made from cat feces made special for him. A woman gave birth to an onslaught of monsters.

There was an incredible amount of Anilingus. So much anilingus! Torture, flying people, random acts of witchcraft, possessed nuns, horny monks whipping themselves bloody - There just was no end to the ever increasing weirdness, until I must have woken up for the films ending, in which, without any connection of the weirdness I had dreamt, the filmmaker asked everyone to be more kind to mentally ill people.

Knowing that I haven't fallen asleep, I feel it is my responsibility to recommend this precious jewel of weirdness to absolutely everybody. Cinema doesn't get a lot more interesting than this!

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