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"New German Cinema"

I have found this short documentary on YouTube and it has been my entertainment program during morning workout this morning. Inspiring stuff!

Watching it now, in a time in which Germany doesn't have any kind of cinema to speak of, again, and hasn't had that pretty much since Fassbinder died, it is weird and a bit sad.

So much energy and good thoughts back then have lead to so much more damage now. The laws they speak of having fought for put me in mind of the story of the Golem - With the German state as a monster raised for protection, ultimately and unavoidably turning its subtle poison against those who raised it.

As always, I am most fascinated by Fassbinder and his restless low-budget efforts, but Syberberg is the true discovery for me, here. Unbelievably, I haven't really heard of his very interesting seeming movies before! Doesn't seem to be Germany's favorite child and I have an inkling as to why ...

Fassbinder was categorically against the state meddling in film production, and this proved to be incredibly prophetic. I wish, he hadn't just been regarded as "enfant terrible" but someone to listen to and take seriously, because he was the only one seeing that whole entanglement for what it is and what it always was fated to be.

Brilliant interview in general, by the way!

Alright, those were my rambling morning-workout-thoughts. I hope, you'll find something inspiring in the videos!

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