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New Mini-Demo-EP!

I wrote and recorded three songs for the soundtrack of "COVID Metamorphoses". They are not necessarily in their final form yet (I want at least one of the songs sung by a different singer in the movie), but I like these three little demo versions, so I uploaded them to SoundCloud.

When I broke up with someone, many years ago, I was struck by the fact that there don't seem to be many breakup songs for the one who is breaking up. Songs and movies are usually told from the perspective of the person who gets left. I didn't like that and thought about it often. Breaking up is hard, exhausting and all too often very, very necessary. People breaking up with other people need emotional support by sad music, too.

So, this little mini-EP provides just that. Mainly the two songs "Going Through Changes" and "The One That Got Away" are breakup songs from the perspective of the one breaking up.

I hope these will provide comfort for someone!

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