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Sunny writing sessions

In „Mytserium Pictorum“ episode 2, I pitched a movie towards the end of the show. Listen to the podcast, it‘s really fun!

(Episode 3 is out now! It‘s about the weird Japanese avant-garde cyberpunk film 964 Pinoccio this time!)

If you want to know, what script I am writing right now, sitting in the sun on my balcony - Listen to our discussion of „Versus“!

It‘s all up on the Lars Henriks International Podcast - Wherever you get your podcasts!

I was sitting in the sun half the day today, writing away on the new script. I'll tell you the title here, but you'll have to listen to the podcast to here the pitch.

The working title is "Queen of the Forest - A Chamber Epic in 17 Dreams". Isn't that something?

It's fun to write, that's for sure.

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