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We have cats now!

My sister lives in the outback, among farmers and animals. I went to visit her yesterday. she had told me there were kittens on a nearby farm, where she worked, and they needed a home. So I went up there.

First, we found a trapped mouse! Cute, huh?

We set it free, of course!

Then, we went to the other farm to get the kittens. One he-cat and a girl. Their names were different then, but are Yahweh (one of several mythical gods from a famous book, you might have heard of it) and Himiko (character from 964 PINOCCHIO - Listen to our „Mysterium Pictorum“ episode on it on the Lars Henriks International podcast!) now.

Yahweh was easily trapped:

He liked his box instantly and didn‘t want to leave again. Himiko took more convincing.

She obviously didn‘t want to leave her home

amongst calves. Who can blame her? Calves are cute. Did you know they love sucking hands like crazy? Pure bliss to them.

After a three hour train ride, both Yahweh and Himiko are very much at home here, now. They never stop purring. They obviously enjoy being out of the bitter cold, where they‘ve spent the first few months of their lives.

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