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What should the films of our apocalyptic times be about?

I thought about this watching "Bacurau", a Science Fiction film that tackles many issues of our times, last night, and I can't find the answers I seek, so I'm asking you! Pandemics, climate catastrophe, growing unrest, the threat of nuclear war once water in the middle east regions get sparse - Our times are catastrophic and feel like they might be the last age of mankind, or life itself. Making art in times like these can feel trivial. Escapism like blockbuster cinema can seem downright irresponsible. Shouldn't people be reminded and made aware of the problems, humanity is facing right now? Shouldn't we all be in the streets and doing something about it? So, what? Can ethical films in these times only be post-apocalyptic SciFi fare, warning of what is to come? That sounds rather limiting. Many filmmakers (like David Lowery, for example) seem to re-discover the dreamlike, cryptic and subconscious simplicity of fairy tales. Is that the way to go? What can important an ethical cinema of dark times like ours look like? What's your take on this?

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